Saturday, April 4, 2020

Immigrant Worker Safety Net


The National Day Labored Organizing Network  (NDLON) has launched the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund and has distributed funds to 27 highly impacted groups in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California, helping 460 families to date! The need remains great.

With no access to healthcare, sick leave, remote work options, or help from the federal government’s stimulus package, thousands of day laborers and low-wage workers have no choice but to continue to risk their lives as they seek work at day laborer corners.  The Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund serves as a lifeline for those most at risk in our communities.

Activist artist Ernesto Yerena’s artwork, see above, supports the struggle for increased labor and immigrant rights.


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Hi, is there a public application available? would love to be able to direct impacted workers to the fund!

Posted by: Stacy Villalobos | Apr 7, 2020 5:03:39 PM

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