Friday, April 10, 2020

From The Bookshelves: The shifting border: Legal cartographies of migration and mobility by Ayelet Shachar


Here's another new book for your quarantine reading list--The shifting border: Legal cartographies of migration and mobility: Ayelet Shachar in dialogue.

From the publisher:

The border is one of the most urgent issues of our times. We tend to think of a border as a static line, but recent bordering techniques have broken away from the map, as governments have developed legal tools to limit the rights of migrants before and after they enter a country's territory. The consequent detachment of state power from any fixed geographical marker has created a new paradigm: the shifting border, an adjustable legal construct untethered in space. This transformation upsets our assumptions about waning sovereignty, while also revealing the limits of the populist push toward border-fortification. At the same time, it presents a tremendous opportunity to rethink states' responsibilities to migrants. This book proposes a new, functional approach to human mobility and access to membership in a world where borders, like people, have the capacity to move.


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