Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Carly Goodman: President Trump’s immigration suspension has nothing to do with coronavirus


Carly Goodman

Historian Carly Goodman in the Washington Post comments on President Trump's announcement of a "pause" in immigration.  Her introduction:

"So why suggest an immigration ban? Because times of crisis create opportunities for anti-immigration advocates to cast blame on outsiders and transform policy in ways they have long sought, to arrest what they perceive as `demographic change' and the loss of a white America. Trump’s emergency measures therefore could outlive his presidency.

As Jews and Catholics from Southern and Eastern Europe overtook protestants as the bulk of immigrants coming to the United States in the early 20th century, nativists, alarmed by the portended demographic change, sought to regulate the race and national origins of immigrants. They believed that Jews, Italians and others, as well as Asian immigrants, were biologically and culturally inferior to Protestants from Northern and Western Europe and they wanted to protect American `whiteness' from `inferior' racial stock."

Hat tip to Anil Kalhan!


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