Thursday, March 12, 2020

Trump’s Error-Laden ‘Foreign Virus’ Speech Spooks Investors


Kit Johnson has blogged about the President's announcement of the suspension of travel from Europe.  

Justin Sink for Bloomberg offers thoughts on President Trump's prime time speech to the nation last night on the coronavirus pandemic:

"President Donald Trump relied on a familiar playbook . . . , announcing sweeping new restrictions on travel from Europe and scattered executive actions to help workers and businesses rocked by what he labeled a `foreign virus.' 

He blamed allies for not adopting tough immigration measures that he said had prevented a wider outbreak in the U.S. But the combative approach and small-bore measures seemed only to highlight the president’s struggles to confront the most consequential moment of his presidency.

And even in a 10-minute address, Trump couldn’t stick to the facts.

He overstated the European travel restrictions, saying he was `suspending all travel' from the continent, and suggested they would also apply to trade. He tweeted later that trade wouldn’t be affected, and the Department of Homeland Security clarified that the restriction applies generally to foreigners who’ve been in Europe within 14 days."

Stephanie Baer and Hamed Aleaziz review the new travel ban on BuzzFeed News.  their article includes the following quotes:  

“Sealing off one country from another is next to impossible," said Sarah Pierce, an analyst at Migration Policy Institute. "If the Europe ban is similar to the bans on nationals from Iran and China, it will have large exceptions, because it is legally, morally, and logistically impossible to close off our borders in this globalized world."

Pierce described the restrictions as "the biggest and most comprehensive" travel ban in response to a public health threat in US history.


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