Monday, March 2, 2020

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Two Immigration Judicial Review Cases

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Today, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in two cases that involve judicial review of immigration decisions.

Nasrallah v. Barr raises the question of judicial review of fact findings underlying a removal order. Jennifer Chacon previewed the case for SCOTUSBlog. Lachanda Reid and Gabriela Markolovic have a preview for Cornell Law School’s Legal Information InstituteHere is the text of the oral argument.

The Court also heard argument in Department of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam, in which the Court will decide whether limitations on judicial review of expedited removal orders violate the Constitution’s suspension clause. Kari Hong had the SCOTUSBlog's argument preview.  Cornell’s preview comes from Basem Besada and Grant ShillingtonHere is the text to the argument.

UPDATE (March 3, 6:15 EST):  Jennifer Chacon recaps the argument in Nasrallah v. Barr for for SCOTUSBlog.  The Justices seemed to grapple with the details of the judicial review provisions of the immigration statute.  Her bottom line:  "Today’s argument seemed to go better for Nasrallah than for the government."

UPDATE (March 4, 10:45 EST):  Kari Hong recaps the argument in Department of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam for SCOTUSBlog.  Her bottom line:

"It appears that four justices—Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan—are not comfortable with a scheme that has no mechanism for courts to correct even the most egregious of mistakes. Two justices—Alito and Kavanaugh—have strong concerns over whether Thuraissigiam’s request for a hearing is a departure from how habeas petitions have been used. Justice Neil Gorsuch, who did not ask any questions, may well determine the outcome, as he has in other immigration cases."


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