Saturday, March 28, 2020

At the Movies in the Time of Coronavirus: Hoosiers (1986)

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ImmigrationProf continues its series of classic movies to watch in the time of cornaviurus.  Here is one for sports fans and even has been touted by basketball great Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Hoosiers (1986s) tells a great high school basketball story.  A plot summary from IMDb reads as follows:

"Based on the true story of a small-town Indiana team that made the state finals in 1954, this movie chronicles the attempts of a coach with a spotty past, and the town's basketball-loving drunk to lead their high school team to victory."

Spoiler alert -- do not watch the second video above if you plan to watch Hoosiers.

The wonderful cast includes

Gene Hackman ... Coach Norman Dale

Barbara Hershey ... Myra Fleener

Dennis Hopper ... Shooter


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