Saturday, February 29, 2020

Urban Institute: Date on the Children of Immigrants



Children of immigrants are an important part of our country’s future, and like all children, they need quality education, access to health care, and stable housing to thrive.

New research from experts at the Urban Institute shows that nationwide a quarter of all people ages 17 and younger had at least one immigrant parent, and the majority of these children of immigrants – 91 percent – are US citizens.

Check out the new research, available as state-level fact sheets, a map tool, and a short overview blog.

A State-by-State Look at Children of Immigrants

One of every four children in the US has at least one foreign-born parent. These children of immigrants, who are a growing number of America’s kids, will help make up the next generation of workers and taxpayers. Ensuring they have access to early education and other public supports so they can reach their full potential is essential to the future of the US and each state.

These fact sheets present characteristics about children of immigrants and their parents, families, and households for all 50 states, DC, and the nation as a whole, using data from the 2005–18 US Census Bureau American Community Survey. 


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