Sunday, February 2, 2020

Trump’s expanded travel ban will hit Nigerians the hardest


There has been lots of talk about President Trump's expansion of the travel banNicole Narea for Vox discusses the expansion's impact on immigration from Nigeria:

"Starting February 22, Nigerians will no longer be able to obtain visas allowing them to immigrate to the US permanently. They can still travel to the US on temporary visas, such as those for foreign workers, tourists, and students. But for the large Nigerian diaspora in the US, the policy could erode their deep family and cultural ties to their home country, Africa’s most populous nation and one of its economic powerhouses.

Nigerians make up by far the largest population of African immigrants living in the US, numbering about 327,000. Cities with thriving Nigerian communities will be particularly hard hit, including Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Phoenix and Houston, the latter of which has the largest Nigerian population outside Brazil and Africa.

Even more Nigerians have been choosing to settle here permanently in recent years: In 2018, the US granted Nigerians almost 14,000 green cards. By comparison, citizens from other countries included in the expanded travel ban were granted a combined total of fewer than 6,000 green cards. It’s also one of the top sending countries for foreign students, with almost 13,000 Nigerians students coming to the US last year."


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Nigeria do favor the US over the nation specially when it comes to pursuing higher education. Although the travel ban will restrict immigrant visa, Nigerians can still travel the US as long as they have travel visa approved by the US Embassy.

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