Friday, February 7, 2020

Trump Suspends Global Entry Travel Program in New York in Response to Law Allowing Undocumented Immigrants to Secure Driver’s Licenses



Elliot Hannon on Slate reports that the Department of Homeland Security has  informed the state of New York that it would no longer allow New York residents to apply for its Global Entry travel program, which in return for a one-time background check allows travelers, for five-years to receive expedited treatment through airport security checks. The move is based on New York's passage of a new law that allows undocumented residents in the state to get driver’s licenses, while also making it harder for the federal government to access state driving records.

Hannon's conclusion:

"The move is an escalation of an ongoing feud between the Trump administration and New York state, which, along with a number of other big metropolitan areas, has passed laws aimed at limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Trump assailed these “sanctuary cities” in typically graphic, gruesome terms during Monday’s State of the Union address. The driver’s license law is popular in New York’s metropolitan areas, less so in its more conservative rural parts. The new measure had prompted sparring between New York officials and the Trump administration, but the retaliation had remained largely rhetorical until the travel program suspension."


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