Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Trump Administration Is Gagging America’s Immigration Judges


Among its many immigration measures, the Trump administration has taken steps to bring into line the the nation'ss corps of immigration judges.  As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions took a number of steps in this direction Immigration judges reportedly have been quiting or retiring.

Cristian Farias in the Atlantic discusses limitations imposed by the Trump aedministration on public speaking by immigration judges:

"For more than two years, immigration judges have been subject to a policy that more or less prevents them from performing an essential part of their civic duties: speaking publicly about their work.

Since September 2017, immigration judges and all other employees at the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review have been required to adhere to an onerous pre-approval process whenever they desire or are invited to speak publicly on any issue, immigration-related or not."

Immigration professors have noted that it no longer is likely that they can get immigration judges to talk with immigration classes.


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