Saturday, February 22, 2020

Massachusetts judges ask ICE to stop deporting defendants who are pending trial without advance notice


Paula M. Carey, Massachusetts trial court chief justice

Tensions continue to brew between the state courts and the Trump administration as the administration continues aggressive immigration enforcement.  Danny McDonald for the Boston Globe reports on the latest -- two of Massachusetts' top judges are asking ICE to stop deporting criminal defendants who are pending trial in the state’s superior courts without notice. 

In a letter, Ralph D. Gants, chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and Paula M. Carey, the state trial court’s chief justice, cited the case of Anibal Maldonado, a defendant who was awaiting trial in Middlesex Superior Court on cocaine trafficking charges.

The letter to Todd M. Lyons, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s acting field office director for enforcement and removal operations in Boston, came days after ICE publicized several immigration fugitives that were released by local authorities in the state “due to sanctuary policies that promote non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities.”

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