Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Stephen Miller Manipulates Donald Trump to Further His Immigration Obsession


Jonathan Blitzer for the New Yorker ("How Stephen Miller manipulates Donald Trump to Further His Immigration Obsession")  has a revealing piece about senior White House aide (and newlywed) Stephen Miller.   Blog readers will find tons of interest here.  One paragraph:

"Miller, who is thirty-four, with thinning hair and a sharp, narrow face, is an anomaly in Washington: an adviser with total authority over a single issue that has come to define an entire Administration. `We have never had a President who ran, and won, on immigration,' Muzaffar Chishti, of the Migration Policy Institute, told me. `And he’s kept his promise on immigration.' Miller, who was a speechwriter during the campaign, is now Trump’s longest-serving senior aide. He is also an Internet meme, a public scourge, and a catch-all symbol of the racism and malice of the current government. In a cast of exceptionally polarizing officials, he has embraced the role of archvillain. Miller can be found shouting over interviewers on the weekend news shows or berating reporters in the White House briefing room; he has also vowed to quell a `deep state' conspiracy against Trump. When he’s not accusing journalists of harboring a `cosmopolitan bias' or denying that the Statue of Liberty symbolizes America’s identity as a nation of immigrants, he is shaping policy and provoking the President’s most combative impulses."


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