Gold Mountain: Chinese Californian Stories

The central part of California has had a long history of Chinese immigration, with Chinese immigrants fist coming in the 1800s to work on the transcontinental railroad and mine for gold.  I previously have blogged about some of that history, including anti-Chinese agitation and mass removals.

The California Museum in Sacramento has a new exhibit Gold Mountain: Chinese Californian Stories.  It opens today and I plan to check it out.

Here is the museum's description of the exhibit:

"Discover the history and contributions of Chinese Americans to California from the Gold Rush to the present day in `Gold Mountain: Chinese California Stories.'

This all-new signature exhibition explores how Chinese immigrants came to California in search of a better life, then stayed and helped to build the modern state. In so doing over the last 150 years, they triumphed over racism and other obstacles with ingenuity and perseverance.

In their stories, visitors will see the contributions that Californians of Chinese descent have made to our state’s economy, governance, and culture, and recognize the strength that comes from the state’s rich diversity.

The `Gold Mountain' Grand Opening today has a special  Lunar New Year celebration featuring free admission with advance registration and an afternoon of exhibit-related programming."