Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New DACA Data and Trends




As part of the Regents v. University of California litigation challenging the rescission of DACA, USCIS must release regular data regarding the continued adjudication and implementation of DACA. Recently, USCIS released the latest data, which you can view and download on our website. The following represent analysis and highlights by Mayra Joachin of the National Immigration Law Center:


·     There are about 649,070 current DACA recipients as of December 31, 2019.


·     About 688,810 DACA recipients have applied for renewal under the injunctions. From these applications, 648,460 were approved, 34,760 are pending, and 5,590 were denied. 


·     Approximately 369,790 individuals have DACA set to expire in 2021.


·     There are approximately 8,120 expired DACA renewals pending.


·     About 3,940 individuals have DACA expiring this January. By comparison, there were 6,270 individuals with DACA expiring in January of last year.


·     The number of DACA recipients with active DACA continues to drop. There were 699,350 individuals with active DACA status in the 8/31/18 report. (Commentary by the Presidents’ Alliance: This drop off may be a result of DACA recipients adjusting status, choosing not to renew, or being eligible for renewal.)


Takeaways for Higher Education. We urge campuses to encourage their DACA students to renew their DACA if DACA recipients have a year or less of DACA remaining. For resources about renewal you can share with your students, see United We Dream’s DACA resources.


Based on estimates, approximately 120,000 DACA recipients are students in post-secondary institutions, while others are working on campuses or recent alumni. Critically, undocumented, non-DACAmented students in post-secondary education do not benefit from DACA. As higher education leaders, we must address the needs of both DACA recipients and the many other undocumented students and alumni.



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