Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!



I hope you are all enjoying a day of volunteer service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., who would have turned 91 this year.

This is a good opportuinity to think about -- and act toward -- a more just society.  Former ImmigrationProf blogger Jennifer Chacón has a thoughtful law review article on Dr. King, civil rights, and immigration rights.  Teresa Albano on Medium looks at Dr. King's words in artculating how he might approach the issue of immigration today.

I feel fortunate to teach at a law school building named after Dr. King, with a statue of him in the lobby.  Our students have organized a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Celebration.  Voulunteer opportunities include (1) working at a homeless shelter; and (2) assisting DACA recipients with their immigration cases.



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