Thursday, January 23, 2020

DNA Collection at the Border Threatens the Privacy of All Americans


Check out this NYT op-ed by immprof Daniel Morales (Houston) with prawfs Natalie Ram (Maryland) and Jessica Roberts (Houston): DNA Collection at the Border Threatens the Privacy of All Americans.

The authors talk about the federally-administered CODIS or Combined DNA Index System. As of January 6, it's being used in a way it's never been before -- to "warehouse the genetic data of people who have not been accused of any crime, for crime detection purposes." Yikes.

Collecting DNA in this manner, the authors posit, "puts us all at risk."


Well, "once you break the norm requiring criminal conduct for inclusion in CODIS, it is difficult to re-establish." This brings us closer towards the creation of a dystopian "genetic database that will ultimately encompass anyone within United States borders, including ordinary Americans neither convicted nor even suspected of criminal conduct." And that should be concerning. Because "the more complete the information database, the more suffocating, dehumanizing — and potentially totalitarian — the society."


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