Friday, January 31, 2020

Breaking News: Trump expands travel ban today [UPDATED]

President Trump issued his expanded travel ban today, the same week that the original travel ban first issues in January 2017.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The Trump administration said the policy was designed to tighten security for countries that don’t comply with the U.S. minimum security standards or cooperate to prevent illegal immigration." Under the proclamation signed by President Trump, citizens from Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan won’t be allowed to apply for visas to immigrate to the U.S.  Two other countries, Sudan and Tanzania, will be barred from participating in the diversity visa lottery, which randomly awards green cards to 50,000 immigrants from underrepresented countries annually. Many of the recipients are from African countries.

UPDATE The full text of the Proclamation on Improving Enhanced Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry is here.


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Here is the President's "Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus."

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