Saturday, December 28, 2019

Trump administration begin to ramp up DACA removals?

There are reports in several states (here, here, here) that the Trump administration is seeking to initiate removal proceedings against Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients.  Such actions cannot help but increase fear and anxiety in immigrant communities. 

The Supreme Court currently is considering the effectiveness of the Trump administration's rescission of the DACA policy.  Expect a decision in June 2020.

One of the news stories quotes an oppoinent of DACA as welcoming the removal efforts.  “I think they think they’re going to win [in the Supreme Court],” James Carafano said. “And I think what they’re doing now is prepping.” Carafano is with the Heritage Foundation. He said that, if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Trump administration, ICE will actively work to deport DACA recipients. “If DACA is wiped away, then everything is back on the table, and all the cases are really up for review,” Carafano said.


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