Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Most Immigrant Friendly City? The Winner is . . . Chicago


USA Today reports on a New American Economy second-annual Cities Index, which assesses how well the 100 largest cities are supporting immigrants. This year, Chicago ranked number one, followed by Chula Vista, Cali.; Jersey City; and San Francisco.  The group's annual index uses 51 factors to determine how well cities are creating environments that help immigrants succeed, including a city's language access policies, employment and homeownership rates and more.

The top cities:

1.    Chicago, IL

2.    Chula Vista, CA

3.    Jersey City, NJ

4.    San Francisco, CA

5.    Baltimore, MD

6.    New York, NY

7.    Anaheim, CA / Newark, NJ / San Jose, CA (tied)

10.    Los Angeles, CA / Portland, OR (tied)

12.    Cleveland, OH

13.    Cincinnati, OH / Greensboro, NC / San Diego, CA (tied)

16.    Seattle, WA

17.    Detroit, MI

18.    Fremont, CA / Riverside, CA / Sacramento, CA (tied)

21.    Irvine, CA

22.    Albuquerque, NM / Milwaukee, WI / Oakland, CA (tied)

25.    Philadelphia, PA

26.    Washington, D.C.

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