Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Say It ain't so Joe! Stephen Miller promoted white supremacist, anti-immigrant articles in private emails to Breitbart

News reports often identify White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller as the architect and fierce proponent of the Trump administration's ever-more-aggressive immigration measures.

Nicole Narea for VOX reports on a study showing that hundreds of emails that Miller sent to a former Breitbart editor show that he recommended white nationalist websites and literature and saw the 1920s Coolidge administration as a model for highly restrictive immigration policies.  The Southern Poverty Law Center report draws on more than 900 emails, about 80 percent of which touched on the issues of either immigration or race, that Miller exchanged with former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh in 2015-16 while he was an aide for then-US Sen. Jeff Sessions. 

In an October 23, 2015, email, Miller forwarded McHugh a story from the website VDare, published by Peter Brimelow, who has long been allied with prominent figures in the white nationalist far-right movement. As Jane Coaston explained for Vox, “VDare’s perception of itself as focused on ‘just asking questions’ and merely ‘politically incorrect’ is belied by the website itself and its stable of contributors, who include some of the most visible white nationalists in the movement today.”

Read the report for yourself.


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