Saturday, November 16, 2019

French Enough to be Quebeçois? Not This Frenchwoman.


Attention comparative citizenship fiends! You've got to check out this BBC story. It's about Emilie Dubois, who moved from France to Quebec in 2012 to pursue a PhD.

Recently, Quebec denied Emilie's petition to become a Quebec citizen. Why? Because she "was unable to demonstrate adequate French-language proficiency."

Emilie is a native French speaker. Her doctoral program was at a French-speaking university. Her dissertation on cellular and molecular biology was written in French. Mostly. And that's apparently the problem.

One chapter of Emilie's dissertation was written in English. That's because it was published in an English-language scientific journal.

How this rises to the level of demonstrating a lack of French-language proficiency is anyone's guess. But it's a fabulous example for in-class discussion of comparative citizenship criteria.


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