Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Eyes on El Paso & "Prompt Asylum Case Review"

El Paso, Photo by Kit Johnson

For the past month, the Trump administration has been pilot-testing a new program in El Paso: Prompt Asylum Case Review. Several news outlets are covering the story (WaPo, Telemundo, CNN, Time) but the information available is thin.

The goal of this new program appears to be this:  complete resolution of asylum claims in 10 days or less.

Whether a migrant is picked up by Border Patrol after unlawful entry or allowed in at the port following metering, that individual gets 24 hours to call family and an attorney. Then they have their CFI interview. If they lose and appeal the negative CFI finding to an IJ, the goal is to have that review done and over in a matter of days by using telephonic appearances before a remote IJ. One assumes the government anticipates most negative findings to be upheld and so quickly followed by the actual deportation of the migrant.

All of this information, thin as it is, comes from advocates and off-the-record government workers. There's no official plan announcement or program announcement to evaluate.


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