Tuesday, October 15, 2019

UK Family In Custody Following Accidental Entry Into US


This story from WaPo is an absolute nightmare: A British family on vacation accidentally drove into the U.S. They’ve spent days detained with their 3-month-old baby.

That headline pretty much sums things up. The family was driving around Canada and accidentally crossed the U.S. border.

Don't think that can happen? Remember this gal who accidentally jogged across the border? You'd be surprised. (I could even tell you about an immprof who shall remain nameless, and no, it's not me, who accidentally landed in Mexico without their passport after getting lost while driving!) These things happen.

So what's the appropriate response when they do? Well, for this family it was to separate the husband from the mom and baby. Throw them in separate hielerias. And then reunite them in Pennsylvania at the Berks detention facility!

I encourage you to read the story in full. It's replete with details about detention life, sanitary conditions, children, and, surprise!, includes an offer from the government to take the baby away for safekeeping.

Just don't read this before bedtime.



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