Saturday, October 19, 2019

Quick Legislation Exercise on Crimmigration

Marijuana by taki Lau

I've blogged before about a legislation exercise that I use in my podium immigration class regarding foreign fashion models. I still use that exercise with good results.

But now I have a new idea.

On Wednesday, you heard from one of my current students, Jacob Downs, about a newly introduced bill: Removing Marijuana from Deportable Offenses. As it turns out, that bill would make for a fabulous in class exercise.

The bill is only 2 pages and change long. That's a perfect size for you to distribute as a handout, give the class a 5-10 minute reading period, and then split the students into small groups for discussion. The same questions that I use with my models exercise would be a great jumping off point for discussion of this bill:

  • Consider how the bill changes current law from a technical standpoint. Does it insert new provisions? Move provisions?
  • Consider how the bill changes current law from a substantive standpoint. Does it create new rights? Alter existing rights?
  • Now consider the law from a policy standpoint. Is it a good idea? Why or why not? Be prepared to make arguments on both sides.

At many schools, legislation is not a required course. It may not even be an offered course. So why not make room for a short exercise to introduce students to the topic?


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