Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trump Administration Agrees to Asylum Deal with Honduras


Map courtesy of World Atlas

Nicole Narea on Vox reports that the Trump administration has signed an agreement that could require immigrants coming to America through Honduras to seek asylum there, regardless of whether they’re seeking help from the United States under international torture agreements or the asylum system.  The administration signed a similar agreement with El Salvador on Friday and another with Guatemala in July. Neither has gone into effect yet. Together, the three countries are the source of most migrants crossing the southern border.

The terms of the agreement are not yet public but reportedly allows the United States to send migrants back to Honduras if they did not seek asylum or other protections in those countries first, according to a senior Department of Homeland Security official. The deal was signed as Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández faces prosecution in the United States for allegedly accepting campaign contributions from drug traffickers.


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What kind of pressure did Trump use on the government of Honduras to get its agreement to this inhuman arrangement, which goes against the entire spirit and purpose of asylum law by forcing people to remain in dangerous countries? If known, the facts of this deal might make the Ukraine allegations look like a molehill by comparison.

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