Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Storm-ravaged Bahamians seeking entry to U.S. may face immigration hurdles


Hurricane Dorian has left the Bahamas in ruins.  Will the U.S. government allow persons fleeing this devastation to come to the United States.  Reuters explores this question in this story.  According to the story, several Bahamians interviewed by Reuters – on Great Abaco, in Nassau and in Florida, where hundreds of evacuees stepped off a cruise ship last Saturday – said they might attempt to emigrate to the United States rather than face an uncertain reconstruction at home. It is not clear whether U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, which has sought to severely restrict all immigration, will smooth the path. But a growing chorus of Congress members call for a suspension of visa requirements to help reunite stranded Bahamians with U.S. relatives. When asked yesterday whether he would consider loosening immigration rules to aid storm-stricken Bahamians, Trump asserted the Bahamas had “tremendous problems” with allowing “very bad people” into the country, and that he wanted to ensure those people do not make it to the United States.



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