Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Stacy Caplow and Maryellen Fullerton, Migrant "Protection" Protocol: A Report from the Front Lines 

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Stacy Caplow and Maryellen Fullerton on The Insightful Immigration Blog offer this "Migrant `Protection' Protocol: A Report from the Front Lines."  It offers a sobering picture of teh U.S. goiernment at work and is well worth reading.  Here is a short piece of background:

"As Brooklyn Law School experts in asylum law, we responded to a call for volunteers to assist asylum seekers bottled up in Tijuana.  The legal situation is bleak.  We and other lawyers spent long weekend hours working at Al Otro Lado, an indefatigable nonprofit trying to help the asylum seekers just across the border in Mexico.  We worked with asylum-seeking families from Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere, all caught in a process that is incomprehensible to them (and to us).  Mexico has allowed them to remain during the pendency of their asylum claims in the United States, but they are not authorized to work.  In Tijuana, a stone’s throw from the United States border, they live in shelters, depend on handouts for food; their children – and there are many among the group we assisted – are not enrolled in school.  They exist in limbo, and their circumstances are untenable.

The Migrant Protection Protocols, the Orwellian name that the Trump Administration has applied to its program keeping migrants away from protection, is known colloquially as the   `Remain in Mexico' policy.  Having now spent time on both sides of the border, we can report what we saw with our own eyes."

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