Tuesday, September 10, 2019

From the Bookshelves: Who Let the Mexicans Play in the Rose Bowl: Navigating the Racial Landscape of America by Hank Olguin

Rose bowl

This truly is a fun book about  racial identity.

A Memoir With a Fresh Perspective

"… a spell-binding account…an insightful, often humorous look at the twists and turns of being of Mexican ancestry in the modern United States…required reading for anyone interested in an analysis of Latino identity…" —Kevin R. Johnson, Dean, UC Davis School of Law—Author of How Did You Get to Be Mexican?—A White/Brown Man’s Search for Racial Identity

Award-winning, former advertising executive and creative director, Hank Olguin, not only talks about the thrill of playing in the 1959 Rose Bowl for the California Golden Bears, he also provides a unique account of growing up and growing old as a Mexican American. 

In a journey spanning more than eighty years, Olguin describes the road to becoming a successful college athlete and an advocate for changing the negative images of Mexicans and other Latinos and Latinas.

This genuine American story will appeal to all Hispanics and Latinx, who are tired of being stereotyped, demeaned, or ignored by the entertainment and news media and to non-Hispanics who want to learn more about cultural diversity, race relations, and multiculturalism issues.  Here’s the link.



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