Sunday, August 4, 2019

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller Pushed Hard for Public Charge Regulation

Ted Hesson on Politico reports that, not surprisingly, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller sent a series of scorching emails to top immigration officials, calling the department an "embarrassment" for not acting faster in releasing an immigration regulation. The regulation in question was proposed in October 2018 and would allow the Department of Homeland Security to bar legal immigrants from obtaining green cards if they receive certain government benefits. For details on teh prposed regulation, click here. Hesson also notes that "The rule will likely be released in the coming days, according to a pair of current and former Trump officials briefed on the timeline."

The emails, which POLITICO obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, shed light on how Miller has pressured the Department of Homeland Security to move faster on regulations to limit immigration. Critics say the new rule is an illegitimate tool to reduce legal immigration.

According to Hesson's story, one former Trump official said Miller has maintained a “singular obsession” with the public charge rule, which he's argued would bring about a transformative change to U.S. immigration.


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