Friday, August 9, 2019

The Tragic Story of Jimmy Aldaoud, Deported From the Streets of Detroit to Death in Iraq


A family photo of Aldaoud in his teens.  

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Bolis

Chris Gelardi on The Intercept tells the sad story of an immigrant removed to his death in Iraq.  Born in Greece to Iraqi parents, Jimmy Aldaoud "was one of a number of people who have been deported as a result of an ongoing ICE crackdown on Iraqi communities — a crackdown advocates say has recklessly placed deportees in danger. His mental illness, his lack of language skills and connections, and his struggle with diabetes — the likely cause of his untimely passing — made Aldaoud especially vulnerable. His story was intended to raise alarms about the possible human toll of ICE’s actions. Now, it’s a testament to it."


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