Friday, August 23, 2019

Six New BIA Members!


The Executive Office for Immigration Review today announced the investiture of six new Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) members. BIA Chair David L. Neal presided over the investiture during a ceremony held Aug. 23, 2019. All six Board members were appointed by Attorney General William Barr

1.     William A. Cassidy, Board Member

2.    V. Stuart Couch, Board Member

3.    Deborah K. Goodwin, Board Member

4.    Stephanie E. Gorman, Board Member

5.    Keith E. Hunsucker, Board Member

6.    Earle B. Wilson, Board Member

Click the link above for bios.  All of the new Board members previously served as immigration judges.


UPDATE (Aug. 24):  Tal Kopan for the San Francisco Chronicle reports that "The Trump administration has promoted six judges to the immigration appeals court that sets binding policy for deportation cases — all of whom have high rates of denying immigrants’ asylum claims.

The six come from courts that have higher asylum-denial rates than the national average, including two from a court that has drawn complaints of unfair proceedings from immigration attorneys and advocates. A third has a long history of denying asylum to domestic violence victims, something the Justice Department has also sought to do."

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