Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Increase in denials of visas to Mexicans and other countries due to public charge grounds

Politico reports that: 

The number of immigrant visas to the U.S. because they might become dependent on government benefits skyrocketed under President Donald Trump, according to State Department data obtained by POLITICO.

Between Oct. 1 and July 29, the State Department denied 5,343 immigrant visa applications for Mexican nationals on the grounds that the applicants were so poor or infirm that they risked becoming a “public charge,” according to the statistics. That’s up from just seven denials for Mexican applicants in fiscal year 2016, the last full year under former President Barack Obama. 

The number of public charge denials for applicants from all nations also rose during the past year, 12,179 visa rejections on public charge grounds through July 29 as compared to 1,033 people disqualified on public charge grounds in all of fiscal year 2016.

The numbers offer a window into how the Homeland Security Department's forthcoming public charge regulation could reshape the legal immigration system.


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