Monday, July 15, 2019

Promised ICE Raids Never Materialize, Fear Remains


Once again, President Trump threatened immigrant communities with mass raids.  Fears were high.  Immigrants were vigilant.  And the raids never materialized.

NPR reports that President Trump's threatened roundup of undocumented immigrant families this weekend that sent migrants in many communities on edge showed few signs of materializing on Sunday, the second time rumors of a large-scale immigration enforcement operation failed to come to fruition.  Instead, in the cities where rumors of mass raids swirled, many immigrants stayed inside their homes, as jitters turned typically vibrant migrant markets and commercial corridors eerily quiet.


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I don’t think this is accurate. There were reports of ICE activity in various cities including NYC. Trump never actually promised “raids.” He promised increased ICE enforcement activity. Just because arrests weren’t made (although arrests did indeed take place) does not mean that “raids” or enforcement activity didn’t take place. I think we should wait and try to get a full sense of what’s happening before trying to call his bluff.

Posted by: Carl Hamad-Lipscombe | Jul 16, 2019 6:38:52 AM

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