Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Migration Is Beautiful Project

From Dr. Eleanor Chung

Hi all,

I'm writing to spread the word about this incredibly inspiring youth-led project that shines a light on the humanitarian crisis at the border - specifically, the tens of thousands of migrant children in U.S. detention centers.
"The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful project, led by 10 & 11 year old activist artists, seeks to create 15,000 butterflies to honor the 15,000 children in detention centers. May the symbol of the freedom to cross borders inspire policy change to free 15,000 children in detention."
These kids have already inspired 'butterfly-making events' not only all over the Bay Area, but also in numerous other states, AND across the world (Brazil, England, and Zimbabwe) are looking to spread the word and engage others, especially kids, in making butterflies. The 'kaleidoscopes' (groups of butterflies) will be displayed everywhere from UC Berkeley Art Museum to Public Libraries to Family Resource Centers. This project is rooted in utilizing the power of art to push for cultural change, to advocate for policy change.  See here for ways to get involved: 

Here’s how you can help!

  • You can make butterflies at home and drop off your kaleidoscopes at one of our drop off locations
  • You can sign up to be a Team Captain, and lead a group of your friends, classmates, or community members in making 500-1000 butterflies. Keep reading for more information!
  • You can attend a butterfly making event!
  • You can host your own butterfly making tables at local events. Click here for an event guide!
  • You can lead butterfly making activities at schools or camps or birthday parties or other gatherings!If your teacher or counselor is looking for an art project for school or for camp, suggest that kids make butterflies for this project!
  • You can make butterflies with friends and family in your free time!
Feel free to share this widely with your contacts outside of CA, outside of the U.S. Please reach out to with any questions.
in solidarity,
Residents & Faculty 
UCSF/SFGH Immigrant Health Task Force
SFGH Pediatrics Bridges Clinic

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