Sunday, July 28, 2019

In Sanctuary, Some Immigrant Families Cook for Joy and Survival

The word "sanctuary" has become common in discussions of immigration in the United States.  President Trump decries "sanctuary cities," claiming that they undermine enforcement of the immigration laws.  Cities and churches --and even some states, such as California  -- proudly provide sanctuary to immigrants fearful of removal from the United States.

Nationwide, almost 50 people are in literal sanctuary in churches across the country, and many of these people have deep roots in the United States. But what’s less reported are the practicalities of sanctuary. How do immigrants eat, access supplies they need, maintain their former households, and continue to support their children while living in a church?

In March, Rewire.News immigration reporter Tina Vasquez visited the First United Methodist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia to witness Clive and Oneita Thompson and Suyapa Reyes prepare for their monthly fundraising dinner, the proceeds of which help them cover their monthly expenses while taking sanctuary at the church to avoid deportation. The stories of these families illustrate how people in sanctuary in the United States are keeping themselves afloat.

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