Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Death on the Border: 4 from Guatemala, 3 of them children, succumb to heat in Texas

Death of migrants along the US/Mexico border seeking to enter the United States is a regular fact of life, especially in the heat of the summer.

Patrick J. McDonnell for the Los Angeles Times tells us about four Guatemalans, including three children and a young mother (Briseyda Lisseth Chicas Perez), who recently died in Texas near the US/Mexico border.

The conclusion to the story is heartbreaking:

"Here in Guatemala, relatives have set up flower-bedecked memorials at their homes, displaying candles, photos and other mementos. A glass of water sits on each altar, emblematic of the victims’ forlorn efforts to quench a life-sapping thirst.

`The water is for my sister and my nephew,' explained [a] sister of Briseyda who remains at home here with her family. `That they never lack for a drink again.'”



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