Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Humanity's history of migration by sea — from Troy to Lampedusa


The International Organization for Migration features a new book that touches on when refugees welcome — and when they are not. Historian Erik Lindner takes a long look back to discover answers to this question. He reveals them in his book "Flight Across the Sea."

There are countless examples of fleeing across the sea — and historian Erik Lindner has been intrigued by this topic.  In his book Flucht übers Meer (Flight Across the Sea), Erik Lindner looks back at different regions and times in which people fled, and he notices similarities. "There were, for example, the 'boat people' from Vietnam, the GDR refugees, some of whom tried to cross the Baltic Sea to Schleswig-Holstein or Denmark, and the Cubans who arrived in Florida. These are three examples in which people who fled Communist states or dictatorships were welcomed," he noted.

Lindner 2

One of the photos in the exhibition at the International Maritime Museum: Vietnamese refugees depart the Cap Anamur in Hamburg; between 1979 and 1986, more than 11,000 refugees were rescued at sea via the revamped ship and brought to safe harbor

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