Friday, June 28, 2019

Democratic Debate: Day 2 -- Immigration Notes


Round 1 (and here) of the Democratic presidential candidates debate saw some discussion of immigration.  Julian Castro came across as informed on the issue and had a concrete idea for immediate change (repealing * U.S.C. 1325, which criminalizes unauthorized border crossings, which Kit Johnson blogged on yesterday. 

Last night was Round 2, with another group of ten candidates, including Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.CNN and the Washington Post identify winners and losers.

There was some interesting discussion on immigration.

A number of candidates disparaged a variety of Trump immigration policies, including family separation, child detention.  We heard much about detaining migrants in cages and how President Trump's policies are in effect immoral and inhumane. 

Vice President Biden spoke on the need to provide foreign aid to the nations of Central America to quell migration pressures, 

All the candidates expressed support for health care for undocumented immigrants.  How things have changed among democrats since the days of Bill Clinton!

In part of a breakout night, Senator Kamala Harris criticized President Obama's record on immigration, expressing her disagreement with her President on Secure Communities while the Attorney General of California.  She is on record as believing the program focused on serious criminals, not all noncitizens who may be subject to removal. President Obama ultimately dismantled Secure Communities because of state and local opposition; President Trump has brought it back.  Senator Harris also listed a number of immigration measures that would be her first items to address as President, including reinstating DACA, ending family separation, and reversing  a variety of Trump immigration measures.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg highlighted how undocumented immigrants pay sales and (directly or indirectly) property taxes, benefit our society, and should be treated appropriately.  

Senator Bernie Sanders, although not detailed on the issue, mentioned he would reverse all of President Trump's immigration executive orders.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said that, in Colorado, the Trump family separation and related policies would be called "kidnapping."


In closing, author Marianne Williamson stated that, to defeat President Trump, we must recognize that e has "harnessed fear for political purposes."  Sounds to me like she is talking about President Trump and immigration.


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