Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Addressing Race Intentionally in Doctrinal Classes

Prof. Kupenda

Professor Angela Mae Kupenda (Miss. College) has written an essay for the Institute of Law Teaching and Learning that may be of interest to our readers: As Easy as "1, 2, Buckle My Shoe" 10 Steps for Addressing Race Intentionally in Doctrinal Classes.

Prof. Kupenda notes that "In many, if not all, of our courses, racial inequalities either lurk right beneath the surface or are in plain view in the cases and topics we cover." She argues that "Failing to lead our students in these discussions on race results in our not providing them the best education possible."

So what are her 10 steps?

Step 1. Grow in awareness of oneself as a “raced” individual in America.
Step 2. Grow in awareness of oneself as a teacher and of one’s calling as a law professor.
Step 3. Open the door of your mind to consider the presence of race in the courses you teach and to consider the consequences of your failing to address race.
Step 4. Open the door of your mind to consider the context in which you teach. In other words, be open to the possibility that close mindedness may be prevalent at your school. Consider the institutional environment and the consequences of doing what you must do–addressing the racial issues in your courses.
Step 5. Pick up your tools. Set the stage. Prepare for the impromptu. Plan for the unplanned. Rehearse for the unrehearsed.
Step 6. An important tool in addressing race in your courses is to shift some of that work to the students. Figure out ways to share the responsibility in class for addressing race, in other words plan in advance for inevitable disagreement.
Step 7. Notice what is going on in the classroom AND within yourself.
Step 8. If you don’t lay them straight in a given class meeting, you still get another chance and more chances to have a positive impact on the lives of your students by helping them think more deeply about the law and race.
Step 9. Perform a critique of how you are doing in our courses with addressing race.
Step 10. Revise and plan again for the next class meeting, next semester, or even the next academic year.

Check out the essay for a more fulsome discussion of these steps.



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