Friday, May 24, 2019

President Trump Tightens the Vise on Legal Immigration and Immigrants

President Trump has gone on another immigration bender.  The latest target is benefit receipt by lawful immigrants.  Here is the latest (May 23, 2019):

Presidential Memoranda

Memorandum on Enforcing the Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors of Aliens







Here is the statement of purpose for the order:
Section 1.  Purpose.   A key priority of my Administration is restoring the rule of law by ensuring that existing immigration laws are enforced.  The immigration laws currently require that, when an alien receives certain forms of means-tested public benefits, the government or non-government entity providing the public benefit must request reimbursement from the alien’s financial sponsor.  These laws also require that, when an alien applies for certain means-tested public benefits, the financial resources of the alien’s sponsor must be counted as part of the alien’s financial resources in determining both eligibility for the benefits and the amount of benefits that may be awarded.  Financial sponsors who pledge to financially support the sponsored alien in the event the alien applies for or receives public benefits will be expected to fulfill their commitment under law.

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