Tuesday, May 28, 2019

NPR: In Mexico, New Groups Offer Aid To A Young Generation Of Deported DREAMers


This NPR story reports on the efforts in Mexico to integrate new -- and educated -- young, and educated, deportess from the United States. 

A new generation of migrants is arriving in Mexico: young adults who were born in Mexico, raised in the United States and are now returning — some voluntarily, some by force — to the country of their birth. They've been dubbed "Generation 1.5."

With only limited support available from the Mexican government for these often well-educated returnees, several nongovernmental organizations and at least one private company are looking to help them out and take advantage of their skills.

At the start-up Hola Code in Mexico City, 20 or so young people in a conference room pepper their instructor with questions about coding and finding jobs in Mexico's software industry. Their queries flicker between Spanish and English. "How long does the whole interview process take? What do they ask you?" 



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