Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Former Immigration Judges Tear Into 'Shocking' EOIR Paper


Last week, Kit Johnson posted about the Executive Office for Immigration Review(EOIR)'s recently released document called "Myths vs Facts About Immigration Proceedings."  The "factsheet" has been criticized and the criticism continues.

Nicole Narea on Law360 (registration required) reports that dozens of former immigration judges yesterday condemned the EOIR factsheet aiming to debunk immigration “myths,” saying it perpetuates “wildly inaccurate and misleading information” and amounts to "propaganda."  In a letter to the agency’s director, the former judges asserted the factsheet oversteps the EOIR’s mission to uphold the independence of immigration judges. They said the factsheet undermines public confidence in the integrity of the immigration courts by proffering political propaganda.

“American courts do not issue propaganda implying that those whose cases it rules on for the most part have invalid claims; that the participation of lawyers in its hearings provides no real value and has no impact on outcome; that the government’s own program to assist litigants in obtaining legal representation is a waste of taxpayer money; or that those unable to surmount the government-created obstacles to filing asylum applications are somehow guilty of deceit,” their letter states. “Such statements indicate a bias which is absolutely unacceptable and, frankly, shocking.”

In response to the letter, a DOJ spokesperson countered that it was, in fact, such advocates who were tarnishing the reputation of the immigration courts. The spokesperson said the facts demonstrate that petitioners before the courts will receive due process and fair adjudication based on the law, rather than on fear or myths.



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