Friday, April 12, 2019

Your Playlist: Sanctuary City Choices

I found myself browsing YouTube for a good song to pair with discussion of sanctuary cities. Lo and behold, I found two unusual choices.

First, check out Johnny Guitar's I Wanna Live In A Sanctuary City.

That's the one I've settled on to play. Sure, the sound quality could be better. But the lyrics are charming. How can you not like a line like this: "Donald Trump continues his pedantic rants, he's gonna take away the city's million dollar grants."

The quality of this second video is much better. You would expect that as it's from the Theater for the New City Street Theater Company.

It's a solid choice and I just might play it in the future. But there's an odd rant about the EPA and climate change in the middle. It doesn't stay quite as on point as Johnny Guitar.


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