Sunday, April 14, 2019

Jordan Peele: Casting People of Color and Immigrants in Films

From Immigration Impact:

The biased and narrow portrayal of immigrants and people of color in Hollywood is not a new phenomenon. However, some are beginning to turn the tide. As a 2017 study points out, 50 percent of Latino immigrants on television are portrayed as criminals. 33 percent of Black immigrants are portrayed as criminals or incarcerated. The same is true for 25 percent of Muslim immigrant television characters.  

The limited positive roles for immigrants and people of color across film and television perpetuate harmful stereotypes that further distance people from one anotherand audiences are growing weary of it. 

Recently, Director Jordan Peele announced that he will only cast people of color as the leads in his future films. Some argue that Peele’s decision is creating racial divide in Hollywood and beyondThose critics are missing the point. 

His intentional choice to tell stories through the eyes of people of color—many of whom are immigrants—allows Hollywood’s old storylines to expand into something new. He is opening doors for immigrants of color to showcase previously untold stories—and viewers are responding at the box office.  Read more..


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