Saturday, April 20, 2019

How Trump’s Attorneys General are transforming U.S. immigration law


It is no surprise to students of immigration but the Attorney Generals in the Trump administration have been intervening much more regularly in matters in the immigration adjudication system than the Obama Attorney Generals did.  Such actions have an impact on immigration law and policy that the public generally does not see.

In this Reuters report "How Trump’s Attorneys General are transforming U.S. immigration law" by Reade Levinson and Ally J. Levine look at the interventions by the Attorney General in Board of Immigration Appeals matters.  Attorney General Sessions was active in this regard and  Attorney General William Barr recently intervened in a case to expand executive power over the detention of asylum-seekers.  in a little over two years, the Trump AGs have intervened in nine (9) matters compared to four (4) matters by the Obama AGs.


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