Monday, March 18, 2019

Refugees, Immigrants Among Massacred in New Zealand

This week's mass shooting in New Zealand claimed the lives of several refugees and immigrants (including permanent residents, workers, and international students) from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Syria.

The BBC has profiles on many including the heroes like Daoud Nadi who "is believed to have thrown himself in front of other people in the mosque to protect them when the gunman burst in." And Naeem Rashid, originally from Pakistan, who tried to tackle the shooter and ended up being fatally shot. Rashid will be posthumously honored by his native country.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 8.02.54 PM

Afghan-born Abdul Aziz also played a key role in stopping the shooter. Aziz ran after the shooter with a credit card machine, throwing it at him. Aziz also picked up one of the shooter's guns and aimed it at him, causing the shooter to flee. Since the gun was empty, Aziz threw the gun at the shooter as he got into his car to escape.

Today, New Zealand students performed the traditional Maori haka to honor the dead.


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