Sunday, February 17, 2019

New Immigration Detention Center in Tallahatchie, Mississippi, Far From Immigration Counsel

photo Troy Catchings / Clarksdale Press Register / AP file

Check out this disturbing article from Mother Jones about the detention of asylum seekers at a Core Civic facility in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

The facility has, until now, been principally used to house out-of-state inmates for states whose own prisons are too full to accommodate all those convicted of crimes. But when California decided to stop sending inmates across the country to Mississippi, Core Civic signed a contract with the feds to house immigration detainees.

The problem with housing migrants in this part of the country is that there are no immigration attorneys within miles of the facility. Since it hadn't previously housed migrants, there are no nonprofit organizations or even private immigration counsel to assist the detainees.

Jeremy Jong of the Southern Poverty Law Center told Mother Jones: “If someone wanted to build a jail where asylum-seekers lose otherwise winnable cases because of lack of access to the outside world, that jail would probably look a lot like Tallahatchie does now.”

The article follows the story of one migrant with a compelling claim for asylum currently housed at this facility.


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