Monday, February 11, 2019

Jill Family on Immigration Adjudication: Race to the Bottom?


What is happening to the nation's immigration courts in the Trump years?  Incredible backlogs, the loss of independence, and more.  Jill E. Family on the Yale Journal on Regulation's Notice and Comment laments and calls for Congress to intervene:

"Ten years ago, I wrote about how the problems with immigration adjudication were even worse than previously acknowledged. Today, the problems are even worse than the even worse of ten years ago. Substantive immigration law remains harsh as it continues to limit immigration adjudicators from dispensing proportional consequences. What is even worse: further diminishment of the independence of adjudicators; increased backlogs; and new policies that further promote diversions from hearings."

The article goes into detail on the worsening state of the immigration courts.


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Thanks, Jill.

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