Monday, February 4, 2019

Government Argues Family Reunification Would Be "Traumatic"

Kid by Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

Newsweek reports that, in recent court filings, U.S. officials have argued that it would be “traumatic” to reunite migrant children with their parents and “would present grave child welfare concerns.” At least, it would be problematic for children who are currently placed with sponsors because reunification would "destabilize the permanency of their existing home environment."

This is one of those occasions when I sorely wish the reporter could link to the filings themselves. I'd really like to see the briefs.

Is the government advocating for the "permanency" of placing children with individuals other than their biological parents who desperately want their return?

Maybe not. Newsweek, it seems, believes that the real reason behind this stance is found in a report from the Inspector General of the Department of Health & Human Services which acknowledges that the agency does not know how many children were actually removed from their parents nor where they currently are.


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