Saturday, February 9, 2019

FindHello: New App Seeks to Provide Resources to Immigrants, Asylees, Refugees



A new mobile app called FindHello was just soft-launched by the Refugee Center Online in order to help refugees, asylees, and immigrants easily locate resources in cities across the US.  Users can input a city, and filter by categories, such as English Classes, Housing & Food, Citizenship & Immigration, etc.  Users can also narrow search results for organizations that serve particular populations, such as women and LGBTI individuals.  Currently, the app is available in English, Spanish and Arabic and the RCO hope to include more languages soon.  They will be officially launching the app next week.  


Given the central role that cell phones, messaging apps like WhatsApp, and social media platforms have played in supporting migrant journeys in recent years, it's great to see this new resource launching in the US.  Thanks to Andy Schoenholtz for bringing it to our attention!



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This seems like a really great idea and obviously it needs time to ramp up, but based on a "test" (not necessarily representative) of two cities whose array of local resources I know well -- White Plains NY and Kingston NY -- it offered only a random collection of national websites, some hotlines, and distant offices, with none of the local providers of legal services that would be actually useful for a refugee or immigrant in those areas. Until this develops further, better to recommend either or

Posted by: Vanessa Merton | Feb 10, 2019 9:44:44 AM

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